Axl Rose ‘Weird’ Scott Weiland Tribute Finally Revealed


Velvet Revolver guitarist Dave Kushner was interviewed on the podcast, Appetite For Distortion recently. On the show, Kushner discussed the weird reaction he had to Axl Rose’s performance when Guns N’ Roses covered the Velvet Revolver classic hit – Slither. He also revealed that it was Rose’s idea to cover the late great Scott Weiland, who also fronted Stone Temple Pilots. Alternative Nation transcribed Kushner’s comments. 

Kushner: I don’t know man, I heard it and just saw it online. It was funny to hear Axl [Rose’s] reaction. I don’t know if you saw it but after they did it he was like, he had a weird reaction to it. What I [inaudible] was: “That didn’t really go the way I planned it to.” You know? It was, kind of this weird, “okay, well that’s done” or some weird thing like that. I thought it was alright. Sometimes, I hear that song even when we did it and it doesn’t seem as great as I remembered, just that song in particular because it has a weird thing to it and I thought it was weird. 

Kushner continues:

Kushner: I knew about it, I didn’t know they were gonna do it but I knew it was on the setlist because I had gone to rehearsal, I forget why, I had to get something from Duff [McKagan] and they rehearsed. We all live in the same part of LA. You know, I went to rehearsal and I think it was Duff, he was like: “dude check this out”, he was pointing to the setlist on the floor and there is kind of these audibles of certain songs and that was one of them. I was like: “really dude?” He said: “yeah, it was Axl’s idea!” I said: “really?” and he said: “yeah, I know it’s weird!” 

[Brando laughs]

Kushner: That was kind of the whole conversation about it but yeah, thought it was an interesting thing. 

Listen to “Dave Kushner talks Velvet Revolver, Axl Rose, and Chester Bennington | Ep. 122” on Spreaker.