Red Hot Chili Peppers Icon Leaks Pearl Jam 2022 Tour?


Josh Klinghoffer has built out a great name for himself after he first stepped in to fill the giant shoes that were left behind in Red Hot Chili Peppers by famed guitarist, John Frusciante. Now, with John Frusciante coming back to the Chili Peppers, Josh is on a mission to get his own name out there and have some fun in other legendary bands such as Pearl Jam as well.

Recently, Josh Klinghoffer has been touring around with Pearl Jam and putting some of his guitar licks in a few of their songs live. The history between Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers is certainly a long and storied one.

Josh doesn’t plan on being a total part of the band, but for now, he’s happy with what he’s doing, and teased a 2022 tour with Pearl Jam.

Josh stated the following when he was asked how long he would be touring with Pearl Jam: “I’m trying to make as much music as possible under my own little solo moniker. and then whatever Pearl Jam has on the calendar. For the foreseeable future I’ll be with them, since it’s still in support of the Gigaton album. I’m by no means a member of Pearl Jam, but I’m definitely committed to touring this next cycle. They’ve been so welcoming, and they’re totally conscious and supportive of my music and my solo work.”

Special thanks to Pearl Jam Online.