Tool Fans Rip ‘Scumbags’ After Concert Disaster


Danny Wimmer Promotions have sent out a new email to Tool fans who are still furious after severe weather canceled the band’s performance at the Epicenter Festival in North Carolina last weekend.

“Epicenter Update: Thanks for your patience. We hear you, we care, and we know you’re wanting an answer. We’re currently working with our insurance and ticketing companies to have updated refund information to you by the end of the week. Thanks again, DWP.”

Some fans are still pissed on the Tool Reddit.

tbrozovich posted:

F**k DWP. They are scumbags. I’ve had so many piss poor festival experiences (Rock on the Range) cause of this douche bag company.

toolphishdhs posted:

Haven’t gotten any emails from them in a week. I only bought a Saturday only ticket. I better be getting my refund for that debacle.

Madnar14Why posted:

That’s all I bought as well. I bought mine through Front Gate Tickets. I’m not sure if that matters or not.

moronthisatnine posted:

Got an email yesterday with similar words. Refund wasn’t in my email though so hopefully it’s looking good!

Madnar14Why posted:

I think they’ll do something to make it right to show some good faith.

moronthisatnine had previously posted on the Tool Reddit:

For people who bought Saturday tickets for epicenter in NC.

So I called this morning ready to unleash my fury and was greeted by a nice guy who already knew what I calling for lol. Said there will be an email soon with the direction they will be going. It will either be a mass refund for Saturday tickets or an email requesting the customer to contact them for a refund. if it works out in either direction I will be pleasantly surprised I will move on from this fiasco a little easier. Just wanted to spread the word for other fans who are going through the Mondays.

Edit; this was through front gate tickets. Called the number on the email confirmation.