Axl Rose’s Ex-Girlfriend Humiliated After Engagements


Three is a crowd and seven? Well, seven is just way too much. It has recently been revealed that Stephanie Seymour was engaged to seven other guys who were not Axl Rose during their time together. Obviously, this has left fans shocked as it has been under wraps for a decent amount of time.

Appetite For Distortion stated on Twitter: “Here’s a nugget I’m going to share from Doug’s never to be released book: Stephanie Seymour was engaged to 7 other guys other than Axl. Beta had a hard time keeping this a secret from Axl because she knew he cared for her and her son Dylan. Axl took Beta in when she told him.”

One cannot help but wonder how Stephanie Seymour managed to keep her multitude of engagements under wraps for such a significant period. It is a testament to her ability to navigate the tumultuous waters of fame and maintain a level of privacy amidst intense public scrutiny. The revelation not only sheds light on the secret lives of celebrities but also serves as a poignant reminder that the truth can often be far more intricate than what meets the eye.

MariaBNYC on Twitter then said: “Urban Sound Studios deleted the post and the picture on IG. Not be surprised if Axl’s management made them do it, those grifters, unprofessional, unemployable elsewhere, who brained washed Axl since they nestled in his home and into his life for 30 yrs.”

For fans who revered the love story of Stephanie Seymour and Axl Rose, this revelation feels like a bolt from the blue. It challenges the cherished image of a passionate and exclusive bond shared between two prominent figures. The news serves as a reminder that even the most seemingly infallible unions can be shrouded in complexity and hidden truths. This revelation has sparked a frenzy of emotions among music aficionados, ranging from disbelief and disappointment to curiosity and intrigue.