Bandmate Shares Alleged Texts From Marilyn Manson: ‘I’ll See You At The Cemetery Or In Court’


Ex-Marilyn Manson keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy (aka Pogo) posted the following on Facebook:

I saw from the unsolicited texts he sent me this Sunday, that I am getting under his skin, and so I want to be that chigger.

Like a typical moron who says the first clever thing that comes into their head, his own words have come to bite him in the ass.

He should be happy that this is a rather flattering photo.

I was done with this last Friday, and then a****** calls me during the game on Sunday, and now I am more than happy to continue the shenanigans.

And just to be clear, I am watching football more than ever, since the people I hate are boycotting it.

Well he played nice at first, and I told him I was busy watching the game and I will call him back later. Then he came with a snarky couple of texts, because he wants to be in control and can’t believe other people have lives.

He was incensed, that I didn’t feel honored to speak with him and immediately interrupt my date with my girlfriend at a bar watching the Giants game and enjoying delightful Brews and food.

I was going to post his texts, but I want to get some more because they’re f****** funny as s***, another reason I’m not going to block the number.

It is particularly hysterical and ironic that he is calling me and texting me out of the blue, considering he said he wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire a few years ago.

You sue someone by serving them papers in person. And an unsolicited phone call and texts are not my problem.

It’s not a “landslide of libel” if it’s true.

And doesn’t he know he is basically libel proof considering how much he has incriminated himself?

I talked about it in a previous post, he actually made the situation worse by lying.

But again he’s the Great Hero, the noble person who wants to let bygones be bygones, even though he really f****** me and my family over.

He just wanted someone to console him and listen to his boohoo f****** stories. It had nothing to do with me, it had everything to do with him, as per usual.

And he was actually dropping the Korn reference in an attempt to threaten me…

Just like his snarky intro about enjoying the game, he hates football. He hates all sports.

Even though, he gave away my home phone number, my parents home phone number, my cell phone number, my social security number, and my parents and my address during our lawsuit…

The funniest part about this, is if he actually looked at the Timeline, he would know that his lawyers sued me first, in fact several months before I sued him.

Just like Donald Trump, he is the winner and yet the victim?

If he really cared, if he were really reaching out, he would understand that I was on a date, and that I would call him back later. But he insisted on calling me three times, and then texting me in a snarky fashion… Because it’s all about him, what a little boy wants now…

Additionally, he doesn’t realize I’m going to be buried at Sea, so good luck with that Cemetery thing.

As you both can tell, he is grasping for straws, looking for someone to complain to and console him.

I had no idea what this 310 number was about, and so I ignored it initially. Then I made my girlfriend answer, and she said it was the Antichrist.

He even started off like a cock because i am assuming he hates football.

As stated previously, he hates football, he hates all sports. And that is what made my position even more annoying to him.

And here I thought the Antichrist could destroy the world and he can’t even handle being hung up on?

Apparently the Antichrist needs to call you 3 times, and then text you like a little b****.

Yeah he claimed their friends again, although Trent has never confirmed that for some strange reason.

He is a sad lonely little boy, with no immediate family to love him. And that’s how it should be. He did this to himself.

His parents were wonderful people.

He once was a decent person himself.

Trent and Jessicka and Scott and I, all once knew a decent person named Brian Warner, and we don’t know what happened to that person.

  • Eddie Yarler

    Sounds like its from a disgruntled fan. Regardless of your feelings on Manson’s music, the man is irrefutably a staple of rock culture. Heaven Upside Down is a well made album, and all of his records have tons of work put into them. I’m not his biggest fan, but just like his contemporary Korn, Marilyn Manson will transcend decades. Assuming humanity has not died out before the end of this century, people will still be talking about him. I doubt even this Pogo’s family will give a shit about him a year after he’s dead.

  • Dani

    He’s fucking right, and I speak as a fan. Manson did nothing but burn all the bridges with all the people that made him what he is now. Obviously he’s alone and fucking wasted just as Johnny Depp. And they are finding comfort in being nothing but numb.

    Manson just cares about himself and being an actor. But since he isn’t able to obtain main roles and his lifestyle isn’t surely cheap, he’s going to keep on making mediocre music and terrible tours. Before you ask yes, I heard the albums. I could write actually a great article if Alternative Nation give me 150$ on why Manson’s career and person is in downfall.

    Reporting these opinions with no logical context/connessions is not even writing an article, is ctr+c and ctrl+v – fucking lazy as Manson’s career and persona nowadays.

    Plus, if people still get mad over someone’s sarcasm, you should go listen to some music that does not “trigger” your feelings too much. Each member of Marilyn Manson Always got a hard edgy humor, lifestyle or behavior. Just like the frontman. This is why they were great and created controversy.

  • ninformant

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Pogo was screwed over in some fashion. You don’t get this angry with people for nothing! Still wish these guys could reconcile, but it doesn’t seem likely. I loved that classic Manson lineup! Those Daisy licks were the best!