Ex-Bandmate Claims Marilyn Manson Wants Drugs In Hospital


Marilyn Manson’s former keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy (aka Pogo) continued to insult his ex-bandmate on Facebook following his accident on Saturday night in New York at the Hammerstein Ballroom. A stage prop collapsed on Manson, leading to the singer being rushed to the hospital and nine shows on the Heaven Upside Down tour being postponed. Note that Marilyn Manson has stated in recent interviews that he is currently clean.

“Get this man morphine, stat!”–Dr.
“Thank you Jesus”–BW

It is a trifecta: 1) Attention for a poorly selling l.p., 2) A reason to avoid the work of touring, 3) An excuse to get pain meds.

Brian Warner for the win!

“Man crushed by feather…details at 11”

The best part of this article is the “critically acclaimed” 2015 album pale emperor…

I can’t make s*** up that is that absurd.

The only thing sadder is what he has done to his mind.

I used to find him so witty, oh how the mighty have fallen.

Now he is about as sharp as a bag of marbles.

Seriously, what has he done to ever deserve this?

I mean besides climbing on a stage prop wasted?

[His talent went] down a drug-infested hole?