Kurt Cobain Daughter Leaks ‘Painful’ Green Day Photo


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain liked a photo of Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong where he appeared to think he looked painful, as he captioned the photo ‘idiot.’

Green Day’s new album leaked last week. Johnboy__99 posted on Reddit about a recent Green Day performance, “Since a lot of people are complaining about the NYRE performance, mostly because the crowd is just a bunch of imbeciles acting (but they don’t really know Green Day), may I recommend you watch this video of their live act in Seville, Spain, last November.

The crowd is full of real Green Day fans enjoying the concert, the guys seem way happier than playing just 2 songs on TV… In my opinion this is really better than any other video, because they were playing a full length concert and they actually cared a lot more. Plus, look how they enjoyed playing Basket Case for a REAL audience!”

He added, “This one is amazing! The mix sounds PERFECT. It’s not the same though, Howard Stern is a good host and they weren’t playing in front of a take audience… But yeah, that is such a good performance!”

Dcfb2360 commented, “They should really record and film all concerts like this. The comments section of this video is filled with all the fans asking for it. It sounds and looks fantastic.”

You can view the video below the photo that Frances Bean Cobain liked. Billie Joe Armstrong revealed a surprising tour replacement last month.