Billy Corgan Claims Rapper Is ‘New Kurt Cobain’


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has claimed in a new interview that rapper Lil Peep is the current generation’s Kurt Cobain.

“This album [CYR] is the result of us trying to come into the modern world,” Corgan says in a new Upset Magazine interview but rather than just use Lil Peep inspired beats (an artist who he believes was “his generation’s Kurt Cobain”), the band wanted it to feel like their own trip. Chamberlin hopes that “the whole record will surprise people,” he explains. “Under the best circumstances, it’ll reaffirm for people what the band has always been about, which is pushing creative boundaries and not being reliant on old tropes to get our point across.”

“There’s a certain spirit in the band that’s valuable right now. In a weird way, the world has caught up with our uniqueness,” says Corgan. The band have never stuck to a single lane so this genreless landscape they find themselves in isn’t so disarming.

A fan on Reddit recently revealed that Billy Corgan blocked him on Instagram. Mrtin6 wrote, “I do understand that he hates trolls and rightfully so, but I dmed him about machina 2 and if it was going to ever be released and he blocked me. My friends also added him to a group chat and I said hi billy thinking he wouldn’t read it and tbf I don’t mind him blocking me and I understand, but it’s unfortunate given I’d like to keep up with him.”

Earthcross1ng responded, “Have you seen any of his numerous recent updates about Machina II nearly being ready? Maybe he is all outta patience with the same questions that he’s answered many times already being asked again.

It does suck to be blocked though – that’s why I very rarely try to engage 😬.”