Red Hot Chili Peppers Icon Details ‘Unhealthy’ Drug Use


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea claimed Generation X had an ‘unhealthy’ relationship with drugs, but said he doesn’t fear that for the new generation.

Flea told Guardian, “My generation had an unhealthy relationship with drugs. This is going to sound like real old-man shit, but regarding the young generation, I don’t worry about them doing that. I worry about how much time they spend in front of computers and phones. I worry that living in the moment has been lost.”

He also said, “Relationships fascinate me. You learn so much from them. You could go live in a cave in the Himalayas and spend 50 years standing on one leg in a tree pose, meditating, trying to find yourself. Or you could get married.”

Flea posted on Instagram a few weeks ago, “Tripping out on Henk Schiffmacher’s @tattoomuseum new fat ass Taschen book delving deep into the history of tattoos. Henk, pictured in the second photo with his wife Louise, is an important figure of tattoo culture, a creative man who curated a tattoo museum in Amsterdam through a life time of fascination with the form.

He’s tattooed the rhcp from the beginning and did a large part of the art for our Blood Sugar Sex Magic record. Congratulations to him on this book, through image and text, an organic outpouring of his knowledge and self.”