Pink Floyd Reveal How Roger Waters ‘Wasted’ Money


Pink Floyd icon Nick Mason was recently featured on AXS TV’s A Life on the Road. Here, Mason discussed the engineering behind ‘The Wall’ tour which lasted from February 1980 to June of 1981 and how the concept behind it, which was originally Roger Waters cost the band a lot of money. Roger Waters ‘spits’ on Pink Floyd fan at show.

Mason stated: “The engineering of The Wall show was interesting because it was very complex. It was a very bizarre idea by rock and roll standards, because rock and roll is all about showing off hits, and Roger’s concept was actually building a wall between the performers and the audience. Unfortunately for us when we did the original version of it we only did 15 to 20 shows, because it actually ended up costing us an enormous amount of money to do it.”

David Gilmour breaks Pink Floyd guitar at show. Mason then continued when asked if it was too big to move: “No, it was possible, but the decision was made to turn it into a film rather than a touring show, and that’s what we did.”

In other news regarding Pink Floyd’s aforementioned classic film, ‘The Wall’, fans took to social media recently to reflect on the movie’s legacy and impact. David Gilmour revealed how Roger Waters ‘ruined’ Pink Floyd recently.

One fan said: “This movie was way more psychological than I imagined and I know you’re supposed to get high before listening to a Pink Floyd album, but this movie removes that need with as trippy as it already is. This film is a real cerebral experience that is not for the weak-minded. It has a lot of themes and imagery that would send the meek scurrying back to their safe spaces. Those who do have the mental fortitude to handle this movie will find it really tells a powerful story of the life progression of an artist who perseveres through both internal and external struggles. saying any more would ruin the movie and it’s truly a movie everyone should see at least once.”