Billy Corgan Reveals What He Really Thinks Of Silversun Pickups


Silversun Pickups have announced their new album Widow’s Weeds will be released on June 7th via the band’s own New Machine Recordings, and is produced by Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream producer Butch Vig.

“This was the first album where we were open. We were exposed,” lead singer Brian Aubert explains of Widow’s Weeds. “This album feels the most naked out of all of them.”

Billy Corgan was recently asked in an Instagram story Q&A: “Do you like Silversun Pickups?”

Corgan responded, “Yes, of course.”

Last summer we reported that Silversun Pickups were recording their new album with Butch Vig, who produced Smashing Pumpkins’ classic Siamese Dream 25 years ago. Former Smashing Pumpkins bassist Nicole Fiorentino was photographed in the studio with Silversun Pickups and Vig. Fans have always said that Silversun Pickups shared a musical similarity to the Pumpkins, in particular their 2006 debut album Carnavas.

Vig produced Gish and Siamese Dream. Fiorentino joined the Pumpkins in 2010 and was dismissed by Billy Corgan in 2014 along with drummer Mike Byrne. Fiorentino played on 2012’s Oceania. Since leaving the Pumpkins she has played in The Cold and Lovely, and more recently her band Bizou.