John Frusciante Haircut Stuns Red Hot Chili Peppers Fans


Ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante debuted his new haircut in a photo taken at a record store yesterday. Frusciante was spotted at Technique Records, who wrote, “Johnny does not hate Jazz. Thanks for the visit today Mr. Frusciante!” Frusciante is seen holding up two Oliver Nelson records. Could we see a John Frusciante jazz album in the future? We’ll have to wait and see! Flea revealed a disturbing John Frusciante remark yesterday.

Nymia101 commented on Reddit, “Looks real happy, thats cool! Would love to meet him once. Waiting for my curtains lp repress, anyone else too?”

Genex44 said, “I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I randomly saw him in a record store. Do I go up to him and say hello, or do I leave him alone and give up on the only chance I’ll ever get to meet my absolute idol? Tbh he’d probably notice me crying in the store…”

John Frusciante recently leaked new song details. Dmitri-Mendeleev asked, “Does anyone know what he might be doing for a living?”

Krullenbos answered, “He has enough money not to worry about a day job anymore. Even with the monthly allowance going to his ex-wife he still has enough to do what him pleases on a daily basis until his death.

So he’ll probably be doing something he likes to do and something that will fulfill his life.” John Frusciante announced a comeback a few months ago.

New photo of John 😊 from r/RedHotChiliPeppers