Billy Corgan Reacts To Depeche Mode ‘Party’ At Hotel


A Billy Corgan live Instagram stream with his girlfriend Chloe Mendel was recapped on The Smashing Pumpkins Reddit by Bystarlight33:

Did anybody else see this? So cringe. Billy was a total asshole to Chloe throughout, throwing several low key tantrums.

Highlights were BC pouting as Chloe playfully tried to get him to tell a story he had hinted about, which had Billy calling her “annoying” and snapping at her to stop “showboating”. And accusing her of wanting the spotlight? For simply being normal? So strange. Then she just started telling the story as he refused, and he cut her off at one point and barked “don’t tell that part of the story”. It was about her giving birth so I think it would be her story to tell.

Later on Chloe would make a joke about wanting a vintage car, letting it slip that Billy had two vintage cars himself, which set him the hell off.

At one point she started telling a detailed story about the two of them having been kept up by noise as some other rock stars (including Depeche Mode) partied in an adjoining hotel room. He just sat there with his arms folded awkwardly claiming that he didn’t remember (when he clearly did) and an exasperated Chloe said “it happened on your birthday…how could you not remember?”.

Finally the live started to come to a merciful end and seemed like it would go out on a better note, when suddenly BC laid into her for talking about their “private business” in a profanity laden lecture. Chloe just looked humiliated and dejected by that point, and the fans were starting to vocally stand up for her in the chat. Then Billy went on some rant about how apparently BOTH he and Chloe are “playing characters” and to not believe all you see, marking the second time he claimed to be acting as a character during the stream. But this wasn’t acting, it was Billy full on being an asshole and very purposefully and calculatingly humiliating, berating, and gaslighting the mother of his children for anyone watching to see. She just looked at him like “…the fuck?”.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen him treat her like shit either, be it on social media or in real life. Strawberry and her husband were watching as well. Wonder what her white knight excuse would be for that sorry behavior. Really really hard to watch when you want to believe the best about somebody, but this went beyond having a cranky moment or bickering. It was really bad.