Paul Stanley Shows Abs To KISS Fans In Photo


Paul Stanley, the legendary and iconic KISS bandmate who recently revealed his problems with cancel culture is now ‘canceling’ the fat! On social media via Twitter, the co-lead vocalist most known for his ‘Starchild’ persona would post a photo just before one of KISS’ more recent shows internationally. Here, Stanley can be seen in full makeup, and might we just add that he looks fantastic, toned, ripped, and chiseled. It is simply outstanding and phenomenal to know that Stanley is still out there doing his craft at the age of 70 when many wouldn’t be.

In other news revolving around Paul Stanley and ‘The Hottest Band in the Land’, KISS, who discussed lip-sync allegations earlier this month, recently released the third volume in their ‘Live Off The Soundboard’ live album series. The most recent release is from the Monsters of Rock Festival at Donington Park in England which took place on August 17, 1996. The live album can be bought either as a 2 CD or 3 LP set has been getting plenty of reviews since it came out earlier this Summer.

On one popular e-commerce site, one fan proclaimed his review of the product by stating the following: “It’s great to hear the original lineup from the Reunion tour. If you saw them then, you know it was a magical time. As far as this show goes, if you love Gene [Simmons]’s bass, it is way up in the mix. His vocals aren’t stellar, but Paul [Stanley] sounds good and strong, as he did then. It’s nice to hear Ace [Frehley] even sounding vocally stronger than he does now. Peter [Criss] sounds good also. These Off The Soundboard releases are appealing to those of us who used to clamor for the bootlegs at Holiday Inn record shows and through the tape trader market. They aren’t perfect and don’t hold my interest like bootlegs used to, but they do have highlights and points of interest. Might have to make a Best Of mix from the Off The Soundboards now that I have this third one. Now, if they would only release one including Eric Carr. We’ll see.