Billy Corgan Could Record With Jerry Cantrell & Kanye West


If Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has his way, he could end up recording with Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell and rapper Kanye West someday. Corgan and West both grew up in Chicago, while Corgan and Cantrell both came up in the 90’s alternative rock music scene.

A fan asked Corgan during a recent Instagram story Q&A, “If you could collaborate with any current artist who would it be?”

Corgan responded, “Kanye or Jerry Cantrell.”

Below are other highlights from Corgan’s recent Instagram story Q&A’s.

Thoughts on Kanye West and his career since Yeezus?

“Brilliant and meteoric.”

Do you still have any of the original ZERO shirts? I saw you auctioned one 4 charity.

“Yes, that was a mistake (letting it be auctioned). I should have just donated $ to a worthy cause. Still have 3 left, most importantly the main one #1.”

Some of your deeper songs such as Disarm/Obscured are so soft and serene did that happen naturally? Intentional?

“I was trying to pretend to be sensitive and heartfelt #interesting.”

I’m saddened by all of the ignorant questions that you’re being asked. Thanks for being patient.

“The reason I share certain substandard questions is it gives a sense of all the kind of things that matter to others (hint: it isn’t deep, or kind).”

How did you develop your stamina for 3+ hours of performing?

“A lifetime of plotting revenge.”