Chris Cornell’s Widow Details ‘Game Changer’ That Killed Him: ‘This Wasn’t A Weak Moment’


Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky tweeted about him ‘losing control’ of his faculties the night he died in a new Twitter conversation with fans.

A fan account tweeted, “But if somebody left you out on a ledge, if somebody pushed you over the edge, if somebody loved you and left you for dead, you got to hold on to your time till you break through these times of trouble.”

Another fan tweeted in response, “If only Chris could have used these amazing words he wrote to help himself hang on for another day. Such a tragic loss, he is dearly missed.”

Vicky Cornell said, “When you lose control of your faculties that’s a game changer. This wasn’t a weak moment or feeling down. The brain is an organ.”

Earlier this year, Vicky sat down with Good Morning America for her first on-camera interview since her husband’s death, and she reflected on life without her husband and the role addiction and the prescription drug Ativan played in his death.

“I know that people say, you know, you can’t blame yourself. And I’m trying not to, but there were signs,” Vicky tearfully told host Robin Roberts during the emotional sit-down.

“People think that addiction is like, ‘Oh, you were an addict,’ and people don’t recognize it as a disease,” she explained. “I was, I feel, guilty of the same thing. You think addiction is a choice, and it’s not.”

“My husband was the furthest thing from a rock star junkie. He just wasn’t,” Vicky shared with GMA. “He was the best husband, the greatest father. I lost my soul mate and the love of my life.”