Billy Corgan Reunites With Former Smashing Pumpkins Bassist


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has reunited with the band’s former touring bassist Katie Cole. Cole played bass for the Pumpkins during their 2015 and 2016 In Plainsong tours.

Corgan wrote on Instagram, “New album finished save for some background vocals by my friend and compatriot @katiecoleofficial. So here’s a snippet of the last thing we got into yesterday: ‘Six White Horses.’”

You can watch video of “Six White Horses” below. This year will be an exciting one for Billy Corgan fans, as he is expected to release a new album album and two Smashing Pumpkins EP’s.

Corgan wrote on Instagram last week, “The world that made me is the same world that denies you your birthright. And is the same world that says neither I, nor you, exist as we conceive in our own mind’s eye. But if you accept the blessings of such relentless negation, they and only they have the keys to restitution.

This is the maze of the Devil and the Dead. Fake idols, false gods, false life, false world.”

He also wrote, “Knowing most don’t read these missives is a somewhat dangerous temptation. Because it does encourage me to speak freely. But let’s be honest: free speech is a rapidly devolving concept, and many are now faced with a historical choice, which is speak your peace and invite anything but, or simply stay quiet and watch the world as you know it disintegrate before what I am consistently told is my untrustworthy eye. As in: ‘Hey mister, what you see happening isn’t really happening. Got it?’

I beg to differ, and hence the conundrum. So let’s just say i choose to speak through my work, and if you can hear what’s actually being said, all the better.

It also occurs to me that the need for othering, occlusion, or what passes nowadays for social shame has been carefully engineered over millennia as a most decided instrument of control. Or, to put it bluntly, what would be the need for such use of force. Or-or as Mick Jagger once said, ‘Why break a butterfly on a wheel?’ Lastly, I would like to illuminate something I said in a recent interview, where I referred to my rejection of the shadow world that is presented to us all as some new kind of Utopia. If you see the world through your window a simple, polemic choice: real or not real, sunny or raining, your humanity should kick in and say ‘It is my wish to know.’ And it’s that wish that comes from your own knowing that makes these choices easy. Break a false dream and you are free. Accept it and you will work at the behest of something unseen. To me, the stuff of nightmares. To others, cold comfort.”

  • Cody Devere

    Sounds like hell. Banging on the guitar so it sounds like one chord the whole time. Check. Undynamic, strained vox. Check. Rhyming “mind” with “time”for the kajillionth time? Ugh. Then you get to read him describe his social media post as a “missive.” Paging sad embers of fanbase.

    • Atrosion Band

      You are a fucking idiot.

  • Olga Stewart

    Here I thought that he and D’arcy actually might have worked things out.

    But no.

    I should have known better.

    • Jeffrey Harlan

      Clickbait, my friend. Clickbait.

      • Olga Stewart

        Yes, and I fell for it.


      • Alternative Nation


        • Jeffrey Harlan

          I am an avid fan of TSP. Nobody refers to Katie Cole as a former bassist of this band. Melissa? Ginger? Nicole? Sure any of those are considered a former bassist. This is the very definition of click baiting – a misleading headline to get people to see if it was D’Arcy or any of the three I mentioned. If any of those were back it would be newsworthy. This is a nothing burger.

          • Corndog

            Welcome to the Internet, circa 2018.

        • Rich Breton

          This was full on click bait

    • Lorenna

      Exactly! CHANGE THE TITLE fuckers!

    • Lorenna

      Exactly! CHANGE THE TITLE assholes!

      • Olga Stewart

        Ha ha!

      • Corndog


    • Corndog

      Given everything that we have read recently from D’arcy herself i didn’t for a second think this was going to be about her. Actually, for whatever reason, i had a feeling that it was going to be Nicole Fiorentino.

      • Olga Stewart

        Yeah, well someone who doesn’t know the background to this story might have thought it was about D’arcy.

        And then they read the article and find out otherwise.


        • Corndog

          True. That’s a good point, but I’d imagine anyone that would be interested in this would likely already be aware of the recent developments between her and Corgan.

  • Olga Stewart

    I can barely make out what he is singing.

    But what I can hear?

    It also makes more sense that what he writes for his IG posts.

    Ai yai yai!

  • Jommy Five

    I don’t understand what Billy’s saying with his intentionally obscured writing, but I think I understand why he does it. Some say he’s just trying to sound intelligent and enlightened… I think it’s his way of responding to everything being said about him, without destroying his brand and giving media outlets more click-bait fodder.

    I think Corgan and Trump are similar in how they’re affected by the media’s narrative of them, but Corgan show’s more restraint through his use of coded language.

  • neonlithography

    What a terrible click bait headline. Yeah, you got everyone’s hopes up about it being D’Arcy, nice job. I’ve been visiting this site since D’Arcy’s interview and will likely continue but some of these “articles” are getting a little out of hand

    • Corndog

      Anyone that was daft enough to think this was about D’arcy after everything that has been said in recent months deserves everything they get:)

      • neonlithography

        Go back to netphoria

        • Corndog

          Do what now?

  • NahNood

    I knew better but just had to see wtf. lol