Moby Proposes Bizarre Supergroup With Dave Grohl And Big Names


Moby has shared a new photo of himself with Dave Grohl, Beck, and Democrat congressman Adam Schiff and proposed forming a supergroup.

“Maybe we should start a band.. @beck #davegrohl @repadamschiff from Thursday night with @swingleft in LA.”

Grohl, Beck, and Moby discussed politics in a new Forbes article.

Grohl told Forbes writer Steve Baltin, “Growing up outside of Washington, DC, the underground music scene there was always very political. So from the Dischord bands to a lot of the bands from the suburbs if there was an event or a protest that involved music it was usually one of our bands. So I played Amnesty International, I’ve marched with drums and stood outside of the South African Embassy, these punk percussion protests against Apartheid.”

Moby also said, “I think Obama would admit that was one of his mistakes. He assumed that there was a degree of civility and interest that there used to be. And that’s the interesting thing about the ACA. Like Obamacare was a Republican program. Mitt Romney originally developed that when he was the governor of Massachusetts. So when Obama launched it nationally he just assumed the Republicans would love it cause it was their program. But they hated him so much and they were so obstructionist, I think he really learned, especially during the second term, just how uninterested the Republicans actually are in actually governing. So what’s interesting though is the nuanced strategic ways in which different candidates try to win. And there is no such thing as a one size fits all national strategy. What works for Conor Lamb will not for Mike Levin. What works for Katie Hill won’t work for someone in Maine. Especially the House, it’s regional. I know some people have been annoyed by lack of a big message, but the House is weird little Gerrymandered districts and people want specific answers.”