Courtney Love Announces Collaboration With Huge Foo Fighters Supergroup


Nearly three years after they released their viral video covering Foo Fighters’ “Learn to Fly” seen by 43 million people on YouTube, the Rockin’1000 will perform with former Hole singer Courtney Love this summer at Rockin’1000 That’s Live 2018
on Saturday July 21st in Florence at Artemio Franchi Stadium.

More than 1000 musicians, the largest rock band in the world, will simultaneously play 18 of the most exciting pieces in the history of Rock in a unique concert at the stadium in Florence. Special Guest Courtney Love will sing some Hole songs together with the Thousand. Do not miss the chance to witness something never happened in the history of music!

The ticket description states, “Children up to 6 years old must not buy the entrance ticket

The disabled with accompanying allowance can send the documents to request the free accreditation (only for the disabled person, not for the chaperone) to this email:

Places reserved for the disabled and their carers are limited, therefore they will be assigned until exhaustion.”

See the announcement video below, along with the viral “Learn to Fly” video from 2015.