Billy Corgan Reveals Heartbreaking Van Halen News


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan revealed the secret to why critics sadly dislike the mighty Van Halen in a new Instagram story Q&A.

Do you feel that music critics deliberately try to piss you off sometimes? Feels that way to me.

“I feel that critics write for other critics, mostly. And tend to be against artists that are people’s artists, like Judas Priest or Rush or Sabbath or The Cure or Van Halen…And so the arguments made against are intellectual suppositions which don’t exist within those artists very personal approach.”

Have you noticed any loss of hearing over the years? How do you deal?

“Of course. Unfortunately my stereo is off (right ear is worse from my cabinet always being off to my right).”

Corgan also trolled a fan who asked if he’d ever tour with Marilyn Manson, who didn’t know The Smashing Pumpkins toured with Marilyn Manson in 2015. This led to another uninformed fan thinking he had a falling out with Manson, despite the clear troll job.

Clickbait tmrw: WPC IN FEUD WITH MARILYN MANSON! MM on sofa like, ‘what?’

“I’m sure the troll who lives under the beard bridge will have a field day with that for his website. You know, the one he jerks off to…Corgan blasts Manson with insensitive tour joke.”

Billy Corgan gave his seal of approval for Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose being AC/DC’s lead singer in a January 2019 Instagram story Q&A.

Thoughts on AC/DC w/ Axl?

“Watched a whole show. Thought Axl was great.”

How is the Christmas album going?

“It’s prepped and ready to be made. Songs picked etc.”

What is your current state of mind or thought process going into writing new SP songs?

“Change the odds by changing the game.”

Also tentative release date for WPC II? And that early pre order you had mentioned?

“Yes we have a release date S.O.O.N.”

Are these all new SP songs, or any from Shiny1 b-pile, Day For Nite etc? #LLTMSP

“Brand new songs I’m writing for Vol 2 of Shiny.”

Would you just release something? Enough talk.

“I don’t recall you being forced to read my every-once-in-awhile Q+A’s.”