Billy Corgan Reveals Rage Against The Machine Reunion Ambitions


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan revealed his hopes for three ambitious reunions in a recent Instagram Q&A. Corgan wants to see Rage Against The Machine, Led Zeppelin, and My Chemical Romance reunite. Corgan also discussed his relationship with RATM members, No Doubt, and Garbage. You can view recent Q&A highlights below.

Thoughts on Rage Against The Machine?

“One of a kind group. And Brad and Tom are my friends. Much love for them.”

What bands would you most like to see reunite?

“My Chem, Zep, RATM.”

Are you enjoying the Kanye [West] collab click bate? So funny to see people’s responses.

“I didn’t know there was clickbait on that but that doesn’t surprise me. The world is dumb, and celebrates its ruin each day like some pageant of death.”

Where does U2’s experimental Pop rank for you?

“Important album and period.”

Thoughts on touring with Garbage again?

“Love Shirley.”

Thoughts on the band No Doubt?

“Great band. Love Gwen, very proud of her success.”

Favorite song to rock out to?

“Don’t have a fave song. Fave album is ‘Rust Never Sleeps’ Neil Young.”

Corgan recently posted a cute photo of his son on Instagram, which you can view below.