Billy Corgan Reveals Sad Truth About Taylor Hawkins


Not only have fans of the Foo Fighters and Taylor Hawkins been absolutely rocked and distraught by his untimely death, but just about every star in the rock scene have also been feeling the exact same way.

A man of few words and keeping mainly to himself, Billy Corgan of the famed group, the Smashing Pumpkins has opened up about his feelings towards Taylor Hawkins mysterious death that still lacks so many answers.

The words spoken by the iconic singer, Billy Corgan, are brought to you by Howard Stern who recently not only had Billy Corgan as a special guest on the show, but Perry Farrell as well. Howard opens the discussion by letting the listeners know that Perry and Taylor Hawkins were very close friends. In fact, Farrell did a tribute for Taylor recently. He also stated that Taylor Hawkins helped to bring people together.

Jumping into the conversation, Billy Corgan then stated abruptly: “There’s a time where you have to stop, you know? Our lives are pretty fast. That’s one of those times when you have to stop and think about it for a couple days, you know? It affects so many people, and so deeply – not only his fans, and of course, his family, but, it all gives us pause.”

When stating the words above, Billy Corgan is visibly shaken up a bit by looking back on not just the death of Hawkins, but maybe even more-so understanding and taking a look at his own legacy in terms of knowing that some day, everything comes to an end. The Howard Stern clip can be seen below and it’s a very emotionally triggering short video, which, as Billy Corgan had alluded to – gives us all a step back to look at the bigger picture while we have the chance to.