Red Hot Chili Peppers Reveal New John Frusciante Songs


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea has confirmed the release of John Frusciante’s newly unheard songs “Become” and “Drill.” A Red Hot Chili Peppers icon revealed a bizarre Eddie Vedder request for his wife a couple days ago.

V asked Flea on Twitter, “Anything to say about the ‘new’ songs of John?” Flea responded, “John’s music is the core essence of his spirit, everything except god is stripped away, it is the best.”

Fans raved on the John Frusciante Reddit about “Become.”

samworthy85 posted, “It’s the prelude to Curtains and DC:EP. Tiny tastes of both albums songs in one track. Beautiful. Interesting piece I imagine, on it’s own. But having over ten years of love for those two albums, you can hear the testing nature of an artist at work. Wonderful. So glad it appeared.”

StonyMcGuyver responded, “Dude I can totally feel this as a DC EP track. You’re right, it has the hybrid feeling of both albums, like DC going in to Curtains era. An in between point, like an island in the stream.

It’s amazing to hear something unreleased from that era, makes me really happy. And his music is so personable, so vulnerable, that the level of familiarity it holds induces the feeling of seeing an old friend again. Cheers to the new music!”

John Frusciante’s new haircut was revealed a few days ago. Fans also reviewed “Drill” with some interesting theories.

sartre_kierkegaard wrote, “I feel like this song could be a tribute to the Ramones. And while these sessions supposedly took place in May of 2004, it stands to reason that the loss of Joey was heavy on John’s mind. Not to mention that shortly thereafter we lost Johnny Ramone too.”

TheOriginalFireX commented, “Definitely the most energetic song that could’ve appeared on Curtains other than Control. His vocals on Drill are really catchy and get stuck in your head. Also did he say bubble-gum song? Love it. Become is also really good. I’m so happy we got these releases. These are the newest things we have other than Poem and the other song that’s also similar yet I forget the name.” Red Hot Chili Peppers revealed a disturbing John Frusciante remark a few days ago.