Billy Corgan In Studio With ‘Next Great’ Rock Band


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is in the studio with Code Orange, who are well known for doing Bray Wyatt’s WWE theme song.

With the Machina reissue coming, fans discussed what songs could have been singles on Machina II on Reddit, including “Cash Car Star.” Neg_CrepeAdore posted, “Regardless of what was popular at the time, I think it would have a failed in any year but yeah you’re right.

Looking at the track list of M2, I’m not sure what could have worked as a single.

Maybe a modified version of Home or Vanity or something.”

jettasarebadmkayGish added, “High school me bought Rotten Apples (and later Earphoria when that came out) and thought The Everlasting Gaze was catchy, but for the most part during those years the only lasting impact the band had on me was that my best friend and I at the time made a meme of Billy smashing his guitar on things. I didn’t even know M2 was a thing until several years later.”

craignsac posted, “Dross or Let Me Give The World To You….Dross has a infectious groove to it and LMGTWTY is pure pop…. Radio would have ate it up.”

Jettasarebadmkay wrote, “I actually think Glass’ Theme is the catchiest song on the album, but it’s also very short.

Agree about LMGTWTY though…the main reason it got pulled from Adore is that the record company wanted it to be a single and Billy didn’t.”