Kurt Cobain’s Bad Portrait Sold For $281,000


A sloppy and crappy Kurt Cobain drawing of himself has sold for $281,000. The drawing done in black felt pen on TNT Music Centre in Singapore stationery is signed “Kurdt Kobain Rock Star” and handwritten on the right, “I don’t know how to play and I don’t give a hoot!” Cobain gave the drawing to Jacque Chong, who Nirvana worked with in Singapore in 1992.

OdobenusIII discussed Kurt’s relationship with Buzz Osborne in a new Reddit post, “He gets choked when he speaks of Kurt and has said he feels guilty cause Buzz was big reason Kurt started his journey in music. He said he rather had his friend alive that succesful and dead. Buzz is bit hard one to understand cause he kinda has no filter, he just says how he sees things and it get misunderstood usually. I see what he tries to say and Kurt is not here to defend himself and seems Melvins guys are the only only one to do that.

Kurt was a story teller and created his own reality, this is something many artistic people do. He told his stories, made songs etc. Like Something in the way, he never slept or lived under the bridge, he lived in friends couches from time to time. When he was living with Krist and Shelli he slept in his car (parked at Krist and Shelli house) when arrived late so he did not wake up Shelli. She was the only one with job and she could bring I believe airplane food to them from his job.

This rtard girl and suicide story give us more of the imagination and stuff he was writing. just that it sucks that people think its true. Other stories Kurt has told is that his mom tossed his stepfathers guns to river, Kurt lured the guns, sold them and bought guitar…not true but punk as fuck story 😀 his stomach issues are something we are having hard time to say what it was about, several people say he threw up a lot and was in agony, then he himself told Buzz that he just used it as excuse to use drugs.

I really like this about Kurt, I have no issues him telling stuff like this cause it was all part of his world and how he made art I just want to separate the facts and fiction and know about it. Rappers these days have printed money and record label lease cars and their videos are filmed in places that are rented, its kinda same thing but Kurt created his own thing.”