Billy Corgan Unloads On ‘Disdain’ For John Oliver


We reported on Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan referring to HBO ‘Last Week Tonight’ host John Oliver as a ‘muckraker’ earlier this week in response to Oliver criticizing Vince McMahon’s way of running business in WWE. Corgan is also a wrestling promoter with his NWA group. Corgan clarified in a new Instagram Q&A that his use of the word ‘muckraker’ on the Oliver question implied ‘disdain.’

You made me Google muckrakers the other day. How is being that a bad thing?

My use implies disdain.

Imagine not having contempt for muckrakers. Ppl love their soma (fake news), anything to fill the void.

Amen Amen Amen.

Flat earth?

I like pancakes.

Zeitgeist is so prescient. ‘I want to live where no one’s watching my way home.’ Scary.

Yes. Remember when they called me paranoid? And mocked my warnings about the curtailing of free speech? Keep remembering. They are just getting started.

I was 9 when Zeitgeist came out. Found SP yrs later and was pained to see media attacking u.

They’ve been after me for almost 30 years. Won’t change, and honestly, seeing what most journos believe in I see such distortions as a sign I am doing something right.

After 20+ years I’ve learned to ignore anything the media says about you and any reviews.

Remember, they are mocking those who love us, too. But nothing will ever separate us from you.

Who is the ‘they’ you refer to when talking about free speech restrictions?


Can’t fathom the necessity of need a 3rd party (media) to explain the value of art to me. Oof.

My generation was raised to believe in the critic as holy (ala Lester Bangs or Hunter S. Thompson). So I stopped into that world with faith. It didn’t take long to realize that like much in the public arena, the game is as much a contest of coercion and one’s likability as acumen or talent.