Freddie Mercury Makes Fan Cry In Disturbing Photo After AIDS


Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury was rarely photographed with fans after his 1987 AIDS diagnosis, but one lucky fan met him near his home in 1988. The fan described his eyes as ‘beautiful and disturbing’ and said they were driven to tears as he drove away by the power of meeting the greatest rock voice of all time. A Freddie Mercury bandmate revealed a ‘bad’ boyfriend photo earlier this week.

Freddie Mercury Club wrote, “Freddie & extremely lucky fan Helen in London, 1988 ❤ Here’s the beautiful story behind this photo told by Helen herself.”

Helen said, “The photo of me holding Freddie close with my hand on his chest was taken on July 13th 1988. We (two friends and I) were outside Freddie’s house when he came out to the waiting car, with Mary and Peter Straker. I had a framed drawing which I had done of Freddie, Mary and Montserrat Caballe so I called, ‘Freddie!! I have a little present for you!’ He stopped and waited.

Mary and Peter were now in the car. I handed the drawing to him, and I almost forgot what to say when his beautiful eyes looked into mine! He waited for me to speak but I had almost forgotten how to!! Believe me, those eyes are far more beautiful and disturbing than ANY photo can show!! Eventually I said, ‘I’ve drawn this for you!’ He held it and said, ‘Oh lovely! Super! You have Mary on there, too!’ And he showed it to her through the car window and she smiled at me. I then asked if I could have my photo taken with him and he replied, ‘Of course.’

I put my arm around his waist, and then waved my other hand near his chest and said, ‘Do you mind if I…?’ He raised his dark eyebrows and his eyes twinkled with amusement as he replied, ‘OK!’ So I put my hand on his warm chest and rested my head on his shoulder. I have tried to describe the way I felt in the poems in my Tribute mag Fairytales Of Yesterday but really the feeling was beyond words, it was beyond everything, and too near for tears. The photo was taken, and my friends had their photos taken with him, too. He got into the car with one more ‘Thank you’ and I couldn’t stop the tears from springing to my eyes as I waved goodbye. He turned around in his seat to show the drawing properly to Mary, and she waved, too.”

Freddie Mercury’s painful final words to Queen onstage were revealed last week. Freddie Mercury Club added, “👉P.S. Every time I read this story I inevitably imagine myself there looking into those disturbingly beautiful eyes resting my head on his shoulder with tears in my eyes…and just the thought of all that makes my heart beat so fast that I feel like fainting…❤

📷📝 Thanks to my good friend @old_fashioned_girl_ for sharing this photo and caption 🙏.”