Gene Simmons Spotted With Young A-List Actress


Iconic Kiss bassist Gene Simmons recently took to social media via Twitter to share the following epic photo op with A-list actress Daisy Ridley!  Ridley rose to worldwide prominence for playing the lead role of Rey in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, starring in The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and the upcoming The Rise of Skywalker. She has also featured as the title character of the romantic drama Ophelia, appeared in the mystery film Murder on the Orient Express and lended her voice to the animated Peter Rabbit. Gene Simmons recently unloaded on ‘jealous’ haters in photo.

Simmons posted on his Twitter: “Star Wars’ Daisey Ridley. How cool is that?” However, based on the looks of the photo, it appears that Ridley is as excited and thrilled to see Simmons as he is happy to see her. You can look for yourself as the photo is posted below.

This ‘bad’ photo of Gene Simmons daughter recently leaked: ‘I don’t look good’. In other news regarding Gene Simmons, fans recently took to social media to reflect on Simmons landmark self-titled solo album. One fan wrote: “This is one of the most underrated albums of all time – underrated by the very people who are supposed to be fans…Yes, the music is different from the same old KISS formula (with Rock, Comedy, R&B, Soul, Country, and Broadway all sharing space) and that’s the way it should be…That’s why the guys did solo albums so they could do what they wanted without the necessary confines of having to do another KISS album.”

The fan continued: “You can tell those detractors who are clueless – putting down When You Wish Upon a Star is the dead give away – because anything that is musically different they don’t understand and they must tear down. The irony of the Demon character singing a Disney song, much less one that epitomizes the whole philosophy of Kiss, apparently is lost on them. This remaster sounds great, the songs are the most eclectic and well-sung of Simmons career, his influence by the Beatles has never been more evident, and so its a dirty shame that the group’s core audience was unsophisticated young teenagers who didn’t know good music even when Kiss played it. Pearls before swine!” Gene Simmons’ wife confirmed this horrible firing news.