Blind Melon Member Quits Heroin: ‘It Was A Two Year Nightmare’


Blind Melon singer Travis Warren has posted the following on Facebook:

Good morning my motherfookers. I’d like to take a moment and tell all my friends and loved ones how much my life has changed with my spirituality with God, changing my diet to a Paleo Diet, quit eating all sugars, sodas, juices, only water, workout every day, quit smoking cigs, quit drugs/alcohol and basically gave up all my bad habits and replaced them with good, positive, healthy habits. Tara has made the switch as well and we are doing better then we ever have been. The cherry on top was adding Wheatgrass to my diet every morning as well as adding Chloroform to a glass of water, both in the morning and and in the evening.

Folks, I’m not telling you guys this to pump my ego up or get a bunch of likes on my page. I’m telling you this because I’m living proof, a walking testimony just by changing my diet, adding a workout regiment during the week and staying positive-(by putting positive thoughts into my head. eliminating negativity).

Before January of this year, I got back on heroin and meth. It was a two year nightmare. I was constantly depressed, full of anxiety, constantly living in fear and Never had energy- hence the reason I was doing drugs. On top of the street drugs I was doing, I was also on “doctor meds”. I had been taking Prilosec for about 10 years, just about every day. I was on Cymbalta for “depression”, as well as Suboxone(for getting off of heroin).

Folks, I know some of you aren’t going to want to hear this but I must tell my story. Those fucking “doctor” drugs I was on, was Far Worse to my health then the damn street drugs(heroin and meth) . That shit is absolute poison. The damage Prilosec did to my gut alone was unbelievable! I believe Western Medicine and the overall health care system in America is out to slowly kill us, while raking in Serious dough at our expense. Slow roasted genocide. What these little demons don’t tell you is folks, our bodies are Incredibly strong. We can heal our bodies just by eating the right foods, consistent workouts and overall positive thinking.

We Don’t Need Western medicine. It’s a myth told to us to make us think we need them to “heal”. This is false. God didn’t leave us hanging people. We’ve been blindly lied too, particularly in the last 125 years. Most food in the grocery stores is pure poison. Processed foods are poison. Sodas and sugar in general is poison. Breads these days are full of sugars. Eliminate these foods, start working out and folks, just like me, you will be off All drugs here soon as well as feel better then you’ve ever felt. I’m living proof of this. I hate to say this because it’s so damn cliche but friends, if I can do it, literally anybody can do it.

Like many of you, I was lost. I thought my life and destiny was to constantly live in fear and spend the rest of my life addicted to drugs to mask my pain and fear. I was Completely wrong. As of today, I’ve lost tons of weight, have more energy then I did at the age of 17(I’m Not kidding) and I’m completely drug free(doctor drugs included). As a matter of fact, unless I get in a serious injury, I will never go to a doctor again, at least Not in America. They’re out to kill you, whether they know it or not.

The medical field has been infiltrated by pharmaceutical companies and now the more meds they hand out, the more kick backs these fuckers get. Just like Washington, it’s all about money, promotions, power, ego and blackmail. Folks, you have the power to heal yourselves. Change your damn diet, drink nothing but water(filtered), at least in the first few months to cleanse your system, throw some workouts in your day as well as Wheatgrass(that’s key) into your diet and you yourselves will start to heal, just like I did. This is the Only Way to “beat the system”. Then once demand is in for a healthier lifestyle, supply will soon follow as these people always follow the money. Money is their God. Let’s use that to our advantage;-)

I Love each and every one of you and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Please don’t take this message wrong or take it as a “holier then thou” type message because it isn’t.

Believe me, I have my issues and things to work out(learning patience is one) before I can become the man I’m supposed to be. I’m far from where I need to be.

I have no ulterior motives or hidden agendas. I’m Not selling you shit. I just want to this country/planet to start healing.

I Love you all- T-dub