Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis Calls Today’s Rock Stars Wannabes, Talks Retirement


Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis discussed today’s ‘rock stars’ in a recent interview with Stern. Alternative Nation translated the quotes from German, so they should be taken as paraphrases.

When Stern asked Kiedis whether his son already understands that his father is a rock star, he energetically shook his head.

“I am a musician. I have explained this to my son. There were rock stars in the 70’s. Today, there are only types which try to be rock stars. They are ridiculous.”

Kiedis does see the criticism that some bands should stop at 40 as ‘legitimate.’

“With some [bands], I am glad when they are finished. The Eagles I could eventually no longer listen to. But some musicians just have a longer creative phases. It is a blessing that David Bowie did not retire. We still have energy and are curious. No reason to stop.”

Kiedis also discussed his sex life. According to the Stern article, there were years when Kiedis slept with more than 100 partners. Kiedis also claimed he had a type, every pretty woman he saw. “If I saw a pretty girl, I wanted to have her.” Kiedis says he hopes to this day that his family haven’t read his book Scar Tissue, which details his sexual conquests. “I have asked everyone in my family not to read the book.”