Ozzy Osbourne Wife Spotted With Korn Singer


Sharon Osbourne recently posted an emotional video clip that saw her dancing with Ozzy Osbourne. The clip was apparently filmed at Sharon’s 70th-birthday party, a 1920s-themed bash, which was held on Friday (October 7) at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles.

“All my wishes in one room. My heart is full,” Sharon wrote. It has come to light that the attendees at the party were Sharon and Ozzy’s daughter Kelly, pregnant with her first baby, and son Jack with his girlfriend Aree Gearhart.  Their daughter Aimee was also pictured with her boyfriend.

Several fellow musicians attended the event, including Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), Jonathan Davis (Korn) and Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne. Black Label Society, Pantera).

Sharon Osbourne talks about moving to England

Last month, Sharon clarified why she and Ozzy have made the decision to leave the United States and return to live in England. In August, Ozzy cited gun violence as the one of the main for the move, saying he was “fed up with people getting killed every day.”

Sharon, who also manages Ozzy’s career, told “Fox & Friends” she and Ozzy haven’t yet officially moved back to the U.K. because “our house isn’t ready yet. We’ve had our family house for over 30 years but we haven’t lived in it so long,” she explained. “And you go back and you go, ‘Oh, it’s falling apart.’ And so we’re redoing it. And then we will move.”

Sharon outlined the reason for moving to England: “[There are] many reasons. Yes, we don’t like the gun violence in Los Angeles. But there’s a lot more room for Ozzy. He can go fishing on our land, he can go shooting — he loves to shoot — and it’s just a different lifestyle. He can walk around, do his thing, nobody there looking at him. And he can have some privacy.”

When she was pressed to elaborate on the political reasons behind Ozzy’s previous comment that he didn’t want to “die in crazy America,” Sharon said: “I think because there are so many guns, and I think because people commit crimes and they don’t have to pay bail, and then suddenly — boom! — they’re back out on the streets again. And there seems to be no repercussions for bad behavior. And so, ‘Well, I might as well do it again. There’s no bail. Why not?’ Hopefully they do change the law with that.”

Ozzy and Sharon will resume living in the U.K. in February 2023 after residing in Los Angeles for more than two decades.