Blink-182 New Album Recording Leaks To Fans?


Blink-182 are seemingly back in the studio, working on a new project that has got the fans buzzing with excitement. The iconic trio – Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker have reunited to create fresh tracks. Well, what grabbed the attention of the fans was the fact that this past Thursday, Barker posted a photo of what appeared to be Mark Hoppus in the studio recording both bass and some vocal tracks. This led to speculation that the band might be cooking something.

Blink-182 planning a new album?

The band’s “One More Time” album, released in October last year, marked a heartfelt reunion of the iconic trio – Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker. The album was released after years of solo projects and changes in the lineup. This kept the fans hungry for more. Blink-182 fans are currently buzzing about the band possibly working on a new album as they are quite excited about their future project. While the fans remain excited about their future album, the band will hit the road in June.

Blink-182 are set to go on a “One More Time Tour” in June, and ahead of the outing, the pop-punk band has offered some details on what fans can expect. It has come to light that for starters an exciting roster of opening acts for the dates has been revealed.

Well, the list includes Pierce the Veil, jxdn, Drain, Hot Milk, Landon Barker, and more.  Moreover, for two shows in Texas this June, Blink-182 will be joined by metalcore legends, Live Without, the band from the forever-iconic “What the f**k is up Denny’s” video.

What to expect

In a press release, the iconic band has also revealed some details for the “new production elements” that will be enforced in the upcoming dates and promised a “brand-new show.” The band has further notified that it will now play in a 360-degree-view setting which will allow more fan seating by placing their stage in the center of the arena. In addition to this, they’ll be offering new VIP packages.