Travis Barker Insults Rude Blink-182 Fan


The renowned Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker recently took a shot back at a fan on Twitter/X. Barker is no stranger to the online interactions with the critics. He often finds himself at the center of social media confrontations and remains in the headlines. Even last year, one fan invaded his house.

Well, a recent incident saw a heated exchange on X, between Barker and his critic. The incident certainly captured the volatile nature of online exchanges.

Fan insults Travis Barker

This past Thursday, Barker dropped a picture of what seemed to be bandmate, Mark Hoppus in the studio recording both bass and some vocal tracks. Fans were quick to repost the photo on Twitter/X along with speculation on whether Blink-182 is working on new music.

It seems that a fan in particular seemed excited about the prospect of new Blink music. However, as long as Barker keeps himself away from the controls.

“Hopefully Travis isn’t producing and making mixing decisions,” they tweeted out in regards to the drummer.

Travis Barker fires back

In a hilarious development, Barker decided to respond to the fan and ribbed him by writing on X: “Nah I got your mom in here producing and mixing.”

Check out the screenshot below:

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Fans have certainly felt the magic of Travis Barker’s drumming. While fans love what he does best some have been critical of him. But, true fans know his pivotal role which helped the band taste the massive success. Since he jumped into the fray in 1998, Barker has been the driving force behind the band’s wild rhythms and electrifying energy.

Unique Impact

Barker had stepped in the place of Scott Raynor and at that time, the band was on the rise. He certainly took the band up by a notch. His drumming performance on albums like “Enema of the State” and “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” was nothing short of revolutionary. He also brought a fusion of punk, hip-hop, and rock which made Blink-182 unforgettable.

Barker isn’t just a drummer but he’s a multi-talented powerhouse. He has been a crucial part of the songwriting process, adding layers to the band’s music. Whether it’s through his energetic performances or creative input, Barker’s contribution to the band is undeniable.


After years of solo projects, Barker reunited with Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge last year which thrilled the Blink-182 fans. The reunion was not just a nostalgic trip but a celebration of the band’s legacy. The band’s “One More Time” album, released in October last year, was a huge milestone for the band. The reunion certainly promises new tracks and tours on the horizon, keeping the fan excitement alive.