Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Hints At ‘Secret’ UFO Meeting With Bill Clinton


Former Blink-182 singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge, who is currently on a mission to uncover the truth about UFO’s, made a cryptic post on Instagram yesterday before quickly deleting it.

“Believe it or not, this is what a Sekret Meeting looks like… They were waiting for my arrival. I seem to have been doing quite a lot of these lately. And yes, it is who you think it is…”

Fans have pointed out that a man in the photo have striking similarities to President Bill Clinton.


Blink-182’s California producer John Feldman told Music Radar in a new interview that he did not want Matt Skiba to sound like Tom DeLonge.

“That’s the biggest challenge I had: not making it sound like an Alkaline Trio record and not making it sound like a Blink covers record.

“Basically, trying to make Matt be who he is, capture his essence as the guy who grew up in Chicago and had a different upbringing to anyone else in the band, but not trying to force him into the role of Tom.”

Matt Skiba recently told DIY that Feldman showed up naked one time in the studio while recording California. Perhaps he took “Built This Pool” a little too literally?

“I was just thinking about John and something he did to me!”

“I was sitting doing guitar tracks.”

“It was once the record had been written, and I was in the lounge at about 11pm at night.” He splutters again, “John was like, ‘Hey Matt!’ and I turned around: he was just butt naked. He was standing in the doorway with his dick hanging out! That’s just what popped into my head – I was just thinking about John’s dick…”