Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Is Balding In New Photo


Tom DeLonge is back and better than ever as he and the rest of Blink-182 gear up for a new album that they have all been working on. Tom has been very vocal since he came back to the band and also very present on social media.

Via social media, so far, Tom has made tons of jokes, which most would be canceled for – and has taken us inside of the setup that Blink have been using to record their new album. On top of that, Tom has also been posting more and more photos of himself. He posted one recently where he showcased his very short hair that not many have seen before.

Tom stated: “Growing this f*ckin’ hair back out… Kinda done looking like a Marine. But the ease of care with this shave has been wonderful, TBH.”

This seems to allude to Tom getting back into the punk rock swing of things. Tom’s company, To The Stars is also doing a ton lately. In fact, the organization has projects coming out in 2022, and it has a healthy online following. The focus of the company seems to be more on the science side of things.

To The Stars has a whole host of things to do with science, alien discovery, and fans of To the Stars can also buy clothing, a children’s book, and other products from the company. At one time, the company was down $38,000,000 but perhaps it’s finally out of its hefty deficit and filling the coffers for more research into UFOs and other mysterious happenings in the universe.