Gene Simmons Family Makes ‘Very Sick’ Announcement


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ lovely wife Shannon Simmons took to social media via Instagram to post a new update on the condition of her rocker husband. She wrote: “Many poor hubby. 15 stones in one side 2 giant ones on the other side but he’s up and at en!! I love my hubby but while visiting you I got very sick…😫 is this what middle age is ?! I’m ready for old age ( with grandbabies !)” Gene Simmons savagely calls out this KISS ‘fraud’ not too long ago. 

kathleen7788 wrote: “I have had kidney stones for many, many years they are the most painful thing you can imagine having. I almost died a year ago last May because I had 2 huge stones blocking both of my kidneys when I got to the hospital the doctor said you’re lucky you came in today because you wouldn’t have made it a few more hours that really hit me hard I pray Gene does well God bless you all”

Gene Simmons’ daughter had a gross photo of her father leaked yesterday. Laurenevaa said: “Kidney stones are no joke! And not just a middle age thing. I had my first one at 19 and then two when I was 20, then surgery for another at 21. They are rough! Prayers for Gene ❤”

Cridershelby commented:” Omg!!! Well, he knows what it feels like to have a baby!!! I have had them all my life. Actually, I had one while I was pregnant. It was horrible. The only thing they could do is put a stint in and put me on medicine for the last half of my pregnancy to keep me from going into labor. She’s 21 now. I still get them. I would rather give birth!!! Poor Gene!!!♥️♥️♥️”

Nicksmimi12 put: “When I had my 13th birthday I had found out that I had 12 kidney stones. The reason why was that my urine wasn’t all going to my bladder; due to the tube smaller than it should have been. The urine started to crystallize in my kidney and form stones. So I had to have surgery to enlarge the tube and also get all but 4 kidney stones out. Then I had the shock wave treatment to break up the 4 remaining stones. PLEASE let Gene know that he’s in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!!!” Gene Simmons’ daughter recently revealed this horrible drug photo.