Kurt Cobain Wanted To Parody JFK Assassination In Nirvana Video


Bobcat Golthwait remembered discussing ideas with Kurt Cobain for a potential “All Apologies” music video in a new Vice article.

“I actually spent a lot of time with Kurt and got to be his friend. At the time, he wanted to do a video for ‘All Apologies.’

Kurt wanted it to be him drunk at a party with a gun, but I said, ‘No. You know, you should sing that song as Lee Harvey Oswald. You know, and you’re, like, singing into the lens. And then, you’re assembling your rifle up in the book depository.’

He says, ‘Yeah, but I can’t because MTV won’t let you have guns.’

And I said, ‘What if it’s a pie? You’re assembling a pie. And then you throw it. Either Dave or Kris could be Kennedy, and the meringue would hit the back of their head.’

He was like, ‘Yeah! That’s a really good idea!’

That’s when Nirvana’s manager told us we couldn’t travel together anymore.”