Bono Devastated By Tragic U2 Car Accident


U2 went to the One Tree Hill memorial ahead of their upcoming shows in Auckland, New Zealand this week to pay their respects to Greg Carroll, a fallen roadie for the group that passed away back in 1986 at the young age of twenty-six due to a motorcycle accident. U2 awful ticket sales at this concert were revealed recently.

Carroll spent a short while as Bono’s personal assistant before his passing.  The group’s legendary single ‘One Tree Hill’ was written in honor and loving Memoriam of Carroll and his memory. A U2 member made a painful rehab revelation not too long ago.

U2 fans discussed the news via the group’s official subreddit as Mancapturescolour wrote: “There are some political references in there, for instance to Victor Jara (“… sang his song a weapon, in the hands of love/you, know his blood still cries from the ground”). He was a Chilean activist and poet, cruelly killed during the Pinochet era. I’m not sure why that reference is in that particular song, and if it had any relation to Greg Carroll, but it fits the overall theme of “The Two Americas”, as was the working title of the album (the United States in the North vs Chile, Argentina, El Salvador etc in the South.)”

Bono revealed what John Lennon did to virgins a few days ago. The user continued: “I guess it’s possible the song was originally something else, about Chile, but transformed into One Tree Hill in New Zealand after Carroll’s death.”

Semiconodon said: “Thanks for the background. Not dissing U2 nor desiring to mock the import of that struggle. I am sort of dissing the article. The song doesn’t sound like an ode to a roadie killed in a cycle crash. It sounds like a tribute to an epic humanitarian. Don’t doubt Carroll was awesome but the article writer did zero homework.”

You can view video of the band going to the One Tree Hill memorial HERE.