U2 Awful Ticket Sales At Concert Revealed


As U2 get ready to tour around the globe touring their classic 1987 album, The Joshua Tree, it is the beautiful country of Australia who has seemingly told U2 that they are barking up the wrong tree. It was recently revealed via the U2fansite U2start.com that ticket sales for several key dates in the “land down under”, more specifically in Auckland, Adelaide and Perth have been underwheming to say the very least. A U2 member made a painful rehab revelation a recently.

Bono revealed what John Lennon did to virgins a few days ago. According to the website’s Twitter account: Ticket sales down under have disappointed so far for U2, with Auckland 2 looking like a ghost show (with barely anyone in the seats). Seating and GA tickets for Adelaide or Perth go for as low as 15 dollars on Stubhub. So if anyone still wants to go, now is the chance!”

Tickets for general admission for the Auckland show are currently going for as low as just shy under $30.00, American before fees. The cheapest ticket to get in the building for that particular show is just shy of $5.00 American before fees. Bono revealed a massive bank payment not too long ago.

It was also noted by U2Start that some ticket holders, however, were put in a rough situation because of the alleged lack of sales for the Austalia shows, stating thatU2 moved the stage further into the field for their show in Adelaide [was] likely due to lack of sales. Some ticket holders had their seats relocated.”