The Beatles Reveal George Harrison ‘Smoking’ Before Death Photo


The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr recently was interviewed by NPR in promotion of ‘Another Day In The Life’, his newest book. Here, Starr discusses with reporter Rachel Martin how the origin of two key moments in the history of The Beatles. First, about a lovely picture of Starr and the late fab four guitarist, George Harrison during the premiere of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ and secondly the origin about the group’s iconic Abbey Road album cover. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments. Ringo Starr revealed who really quit The Beatles last month.

Martin: Okay, I want to ask about the picture on page forty-two.  This is you and George Harrison and you are at the premiere of the film, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’. It’s such a lovely photo and the two of you are in these tuxes, you’re smoking cigars…”

Ringo: Yeah, well in those days we came out of working-class Liverpool and within two years we were smoking cigars and putting bow-ties on. It was like, “what, what’s going on?” Yet, we were having fun with it and that’s what was great. We were pretending to be those guys.

Martin: There is another one that stood out to me at least, of the Abbey Road Strawberry Fields Children’s Home in Liverpool and you write in the margins, “who knew the Abbey Road cover photograph would become so iconic?” Can you just tell the story of that cover? Ringo Starr reveals how John Lennon made him cry. 

Ringo: It happened several times but with Abbey Road we sat around and we always had big ideas. We would sit around and go, “We gotta go up [Mount] Everest to do the cover, we gotta go to Hawaii volcanoes or the pyramid’s in Egypt!”

Martin: Those were real suggestions that were being thrown out there?

Ringo: Real suggestions!

In other news regarding The Beatles, fans of the fab four were asked via the group’s official Facebook account which of their classic tracks are the ones most likely to get you through the toughest of times, and the results have been quite interesting to say the least! Ringo Starr revealed if Bob Dylan is a liar back in October.

Patti penned: The Beatles have helped me through every part of my life. I cannot choose one! ‘Something’, ‘Norwegian Wood’ and ‘Across The Universe’ are probably my absolute favorites. I often have Beatles’ Saturdays where I listen to the Beatles while I work, clean, cook. Unfortunately, my kids don’t appreciate that, lol.”

Lynne listed: How can I possibly choose one? ‘Here Comes the Sun’, ‘Yesterday’, ‘Hey Jude’, ‘In My Life’, ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’, and ‘Imagine’ hits me every time. Thank you Beatles for giving me the music of my life.