Nirvana ‘Blowing Up’ In Front Of Pearl Jam Revealed By 90’s Rock Icon


Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith detailed the band’s 1991 tour with Pearl Jam and Nirvana in a new BUILD interview.

“I met Dave, I saw Dave play before he was in Nirvana. With the Chili Peppers we did this show in LA near downtown city hall or something, Rock the Vote in 1990 or something I think. He was playing with L7 this band from Seattle a long time ago, and I was like, ‘That kid is pretty good on the drums, he’s not bad.’ Fast forward a year later, and Nirvana.

We were on a tour and it was Pearl Jam as the opening band for their first record, Nirvana played before us, and then the Chili Peppers on the west coast we did a tour at the very end of 1991, actually New Years Eve as well. That’s a pretty good bill, not bad for 24 bucks. But that’s when Nirvana was like blowing up, and it was really exciting.

So then Dave and I became friends then, and fast forward to 1999, the Foo Fighters toured with us. We did a lot of touring in the States and Australia together, we played together many times. We have a nice history.”