Eddie Vedder Sad Health News Revealed To Fans


Eddie Vedder detailed getting the virus before his tour with the Earthlings, and how guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, formerly of Red Hot Chili Peppers, just got the virus and had to miss the second Chicago show. Below is the February 10th Chicago setlist and recap via Sea and John on the Ten Club boards.

Hopped Up wrote on the board, “Love the Auditorium Theater and so grateful Ed loves to play the city where I live. Fond memories of his first solo shows at this venue back in 2008 at the end of the Into the Wild tour. And getting to have Glen open up the shows like he did for the Chicago Theater Ukulele Songs shows in 2011 was great. His chemistry with Ed is warm and amazing. He’s a genuine guy and I’ve been lucky to see him with the Frames, Swell Season, and solo. Falling Slowly after their guitar duel to end Society was a highlight.

Was odd when Josh didn’t come out at the beginning but Ed addressed that soon enough and discussed his own bout with [the virus] at two points during the evening – said when his life flashes before his eyes at such moments of peril, there are lots of memories of Chicago. The band was having a blast and Andrew is great on the guitar as has been mentioned from prior shows. Chad Smith is a ham and tosses more sticks into the crowd than I’ve ever seen.

I think that spirit and maybe lack of pressure made for a looser show than most PJ shows I’ve seen. Maybe there’s less expectation, especially since the album doesn’t come out tomorrow so the Earthlings songs are mostly unknown. It was an expensive ticket, but getting to see them in a smaller venue was worth it. RITFW (after Lukin!) was a great way to end the night and the finish to Porch was electric and reminded me how excited I am to see PJ soon. Ed said something about this summer at the end of the show, so we’ll see . . .”

Earthlings Set List:
01. Room At The Top-(Petty)
02. I’ll Be Waiting-(Vedder, Hansard)-from the Flag Day sound track {Ed and Glen trade lead vocals}
03. Invincible-from the album Earthling
04. The Dark-from the album Earthling
05. Power Of Right-from the album Earthling
(Ed mentions the struggles to get the tour going. Mentions he had the virus and that reduced rehearsals and now Josh is out today. Something similar)
06. Long Way-from the album Earthling
07. Wishlist
08. Brother The Cloud-from the album Earthling
09. Fallout Today–from the album Earthling
10. Try-from the album Earthling
11. Chad-O (drum solo)
12. Rose Of Jericho
13. Tender Mercies-from the Flag Day sound track {Ed and Glen trade lead vocals}
14. Timeless Melody-(L.A. Mavers) La’s cover
15. Corduroy (alt/fast version w/ vax lyric)
(Tells a story about seeing The Who in Rosemont and writing the logo in snow)
16. I’m One-(Townshend)
17. Porch

Encore Break

(Talks about the virus and his concerns, happy he was vaccinated.)
18. Society-(Hannan) w/ Glen Hansard
19. Falling Slowly-(Hansard, Irglová) w/Glen Hansard)
Ed notes the passing of Sean Sullivan.
20. Smile
21. Lukin
22. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)