Bono Photographed With Conor McGregor After Violent Arrest


UFC fighter Conor McGregor has shared a new photo of himself preparing to go out for a drive with U2 frontman Bono. McGregor was arrested earlier this month after an incident with a fan. CNN reported, “A fan just wanted a picture with Ultimate Fighting Championship star Conor McGregor, but Miami police say McGregor wasn’t having it. The fan and McGregor were leaving the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel Monday morning when the fan tried to take a picture with the fighter with a cell phone, according to a police report.

McGregor then slapped the phone out of the fan’s hand and stomped on the phone several times.
Police say McGregor picked up the phone and walked away with it. The fan said the phone was valued at $1,000. McGregor was arrested on charges of felony strong-armed robbery and criminal mischief.”

McGregor wrote about hanging out with Bono on Instagram, “The first time I went to see Drake was with Bono.

Drake is currently performing back to back to back, sold out shows in Ireland’s Point Depot.

He has a La Ferrari swinging from the roof of it.

I love seeing the videos from the arena and to @champagnepapi shouting me out I appreciate your continued support brother!

Ireland loves you my man the Champagne Papi!

Big love and respect from the Proper Don.

Enjoy the Emerald Isle my brother and keep it rocking before my return.”