Red Hot Chili Peppers Icon Trashed On Chris Cornell Unheard Show


In this first episode of Season Two of “Dave’s Old Interview Tapes,” IndyStar reporter David Lindquist and guest Eric Klee Johnson (Monofiction, co-founder of the Pop Machine recording studio) revisit a 1999 interview with late Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell. Johnson criticized former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante.

David: So, of course, the story of Chris Cornell ends sadly in 2017 and just sort of an interesting chronology, Soundgarden played at Light River State Park on May 10th in 2017 and Chris died on the 18th of May. I think his body was found that morning after a show the night before in Detroit. So on that very day, the 18th, the Red Hot Chili Peppers played Bankers Light Fieldhouse and I was very curious to see if they were going to some sort of Chris [Cornell] nod. I was just blown away and it was just unexpected that after the main set the encore began with their latest guitar player Josh Klinghoffer who just played this really moving and perfect solo, voice and guitar version of ‘Seasons’.

Eric: I was at that show, that was incredible. That was really, really cool.

David: I didn’t go to that Soundgarden show either!

Eric: My brother Mark was there, he said it was good. It had to be, what, the second to last show he played?

David: Close to that, yeah.

Eric: Yeah that’s crazy. What a great song and that tribute that night was amazing. I mean, and candidly I didn’t know that Josh could sing or anything.

David: Right!

Eric: I know that he’s a brilliant guitar player but boy that was mind-blowing.

David: Yeah, I probably have some unpopular opinions about guitar players in the Red Hot Chili Peppers throughout the years but I thought he was amazing!

Eric: Yeah he’s really good.

David: Yeah he’s a really strong [guitar player]. I guess my unpopular opinion is that I’m not a big [John] Frusciante fan, but that’s neither here or there.