Brad Pitt Looks Like Justin Bieber In Sad Photo


Lately, Brad Pitt has become stranger and stranger, and it’s not just me recognizing it, now others are seeing it too. The highest paid actor of 2022 – earning $100 million dollars has recently been seen wearing dresses, and promoting his genderless skincare products. Today, Pitt is being hilariously trolled on social media for his weird style sense, and people are making comparisons to Harry Styles. Now that is terrible.

As per The, Brad Pitt made headlines this week after he was spotted on the set of his upcoming film Wolves wearing Justin Bieber inspired white furry outfit. The man is almost 60 years old. Come on. This is ridiculous. He should be wearing grey shoes, a shirt and brown slacks. 

The Babylon star channeled the Peaches singer with his bucket hat and Jordan Craig Mercer fleece sweatpants while rehearsing with co-star George Clooney.

However, fans of the Hollywood hunk were not impressed with his look as they hilariously trolled him for looking like “a 2-weekold cauliflower.”

“Welcome back the 80s,” one fan wrote on Twitter while another quipped, “he looks like Harry Styles’ dad.”

“Oh, that IS a weird look…,” another said as one penned, “Brad pitt is out here looking like 2 week old cauliflower.”

“He’s getting old like an old grandpa,” one social media user commented over his outfit choices as one said, “The fact that it is Brad Pitt means he can get away with the hat and the sweater. But those jeans….”

“He’s just warding off evil spirits,” one tweet read while another said, “Cauliflower is definitely having a moment.”

Whatever Pitt’s trip is lately, he might trip, fall and not be able to get back up. The former Troy actor doesn’t appear as tough as what he once wanted to be.