Angus Young Allegedly Furious After Sad AC/DC Leak


AC/DC are rumored to tour in 2020 with Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams reunited, and there have a big Angus Young ‘return’ photo revealed by SoloDallas, who works with him, a few days ago, and then a lie regarding the AC/DC reunion tour leak photo was revealed as well. Now another SoloDallas team member has chimed in, saying that Angus Young was ‘pissed’ when photos surfaced last year of the band recording with Johnson, Rudd, and Williams back in the band.

vintagemgear said, “One thing I do know, is that Ang was quite pissed and disappointed when the Vancouver pictures leaked.”

benji posted, “SoloDallas cares about one thing only, and that’s equipment sales.”

vintagemgear responded to benji, “Hello all, Dries here from Solodallas. I wanted to chime in to let you all know, that I personally on daily basis check this thread for any updates as well. And, I can confirm that we know almost as little as most of you do about anything actually happening. Here and there though, we did catch some rumours that something is in planning for 2020.

I find that very unfortunate to hear, kind of hurts. We are (and always have been) struggling to remain in existence, and running a company on this (small) level and on international basis is very hard, I can promise you. The thing I cared for the last year is to get the cost of all products down so it’s more accessible for people who don’t have the resources for buying expensive gear. We all understand that. In the end, running a company is all about money, the bills have to be paid at the end of the month. That is one thing many people oversee.

Apart from that, the only big thing we actually care about is keeping that great rock ‘n roll tone alive. Since we all feel, it’s dying. Besides from that, Me and Fil still have tons of things to debunk, because every time I listen to various 70’s bootlegs/recordings from the boys, I feel there are still quite some surprises/hidden secrets we still have to discover.

What we all try to do, is to speak with many people as possible that were actually there, and learn from them. So much great techniques (recording, amp setups, stage setups, …) were used back then , and most of that is all forgotten. I honestly tell you, this is my personal mission.

Lets hope all for the best, but honestly I’m very thrilled and can’t wait to see the boys back on stage with Phil; Which is for me still the best RNR drummer in the world. See you!” Brian Johnson recently ripped a ‘miserable failure.’