Weezer Tell Red Hot Chili Peppers About Worst Songs


Weezer have churning out albums at an incredible rate, especially in their later career. Since 2019, for example, the group released two self-titled effort, plus “OK Human” and “Van Weezer” in the full-length realm, and they went through 2022 with their 4-EP seasonal project “SZNZ”.

However, several of the band’s efforts since the mid-’00s have received mixed reaction from the fans. Many albums have been underwhelming for Weezer’s audience who accused the group of not doing enough quality control in the studio, and releasing too many albums with too little quality.

River Cuomo talks about Weezer

In a recent interview with Flea’s podcast “This Little Light“, frontman Rivers Cuomo shared his thoughts on the band’s extensive discography, saying (via Consequence):

“I think, if I were to go back and plan out an ideal artist’s career, I don’t know — maybe there’s too much quantity. Maybe the whole thing would be more impactful if we could go back in time and just release the very best stuff. Cherry-pick and release it in a very strategic way. But hindsight is 20/20, and hopefully future generations will sort it all out and they’ll focus on the best stuff.”

Cuomo also commented on how the audience react when Weezer change their style, which has happened as early as 1996, when they released their sophomore effort “Pinkerton”.

The album was initially badly received by fans, even though currently it reached “modern classic” status, and it’s considered a defining record of the emo movement.

Cuomo said:

“I really want to listen and see where their [fans’] heads are at, and what they’re reacting to, and sometimes it’s not exactly where I would have gone on my own.”

“Specifically, they seem to like changes to happen more slowly. I would just say, ‘It’s a new day. Let’s throw out the recipe book and let’s start over from scratch with something totally new.’ For whatever reason, they want to hang onto what they loved about the past. That doesn’t mean I can’t do anything new — I just need to mix it in a little more gradually.”