Brainsqueezed Change The Game On ‘My Fears In The Night’


Written by Dustin Schumacher

Brainsqueezed are a band that are really changing the game as it comes to Alternative music. Oftentimes, you hear people sticking pretty hard to their genre and never really bending it much or trying to push it forward. Thankfully, that’s never the case with artists talked about here and it’s especially not the case with this band.

Brainsqueezed is so talented not only sonically, but in the fact that the band has a true creative powerhouse: Sébastien Laloue, who dominates the stellar new record, “I Am Not a Robot”, playing all the instrumentation.

“I Am Not a Robot” is the second full-length album from Brainsqueezed. Sébastien, who wrote and produced all the songs, focused on a more alternative rock production, including more loops and electronic sounds. This new album also gives more space to female vocals and instrumentals. It’s noted that “I Am Not A Robot” includes a diverse set of electric soundscapes influenced by the alternative rock of the ’90s, trip-hop, post-rock and classic rock. The graphic universe is about a robot’s quest that believes it has a soul beyond its artificial intelligence. “I Am Not a Robot” boasts 11 songs. It contains the elements representing the universe of Brainsqueezed, which continues to offer a dark alternative rock, including cinematic and electronic ambiences.

Upon my listening to the record, it’s really so full of so many different sounds, but yet, stays incredibly cohesive throughout the entirety of the 11 tracks. Through each song, you can hear subtle differences in the vocals of Marcello Vieira which is very unique. It’s almost like hearing a new singer every few songs which really tips the hat to the vocal talent here. It should be noted that while the electronic dynamic is very reoccurring, it never repeats itself. There’s always something new going on from any direction, instrument, or as stated above – in the vocals. Truly a gift to have.

It’s hard to place my finger on who Brainsqueezed sounds like, but I feel that fans of Smashing Pumpkins, Queen, (Yes, Queen because the vocals sound incredibly close to Freddie Mercury in some tracks.) and Soul Asylum would find a good home here to continue listening to what Brainsqueezed will be bringing to the table next.

Overall, the album is a trip and a journey through so many different feelings, sounds, landscapes, and anything and everything in between. It’s rare to hear something so different, yet it all makes sense throughout. This piece of art that is this album is sure to get a lot of new fans from just about any genre that you can think of. This album is not just an ode to the talents given to someone, but this record is an ode to music in general and how you can blend everything together to make something beautiful and worth of constant listening. Below is the game changing single “My Fears in the Night,” a modern day cinematic classic.