Gene Simmons Daughter Reveals If She Got Implants


Gene Simmons’ daughter, the ever so lovely Sophie Simmons, pounced on a fan this recent Halloween. She’s an all natural beauty! Speaking of pouncing, Sophie Simmons revealed this hot Catwoman outfit not too long ago.  Taking to social media via Instagram, Simmons reacted to a fan who implored her not to get plastic surgery. The fan, named Jesseslide said simply to: “say NO 2 Plastic Surgery!!!”.

This seemingly rubbed the budding songstress the wrong way tremendously as her response as the following shows. Simmons chirped back with the following. “First, I’ll do whatever I want with my body, certainly not to please anyone, especially you. Second, it’s a filter. chill.”

KISS fans discussed what the best album from 1973 to 1979 within the group’s catalog in a new topic on the KISS Reddit.  Gene Simmons’ daughter revealed some sad medical test results the other day.

Sportsaint3 replied: “Hotter than Hell hands down. It has quality songs (Yes, Going Blind), and the recording quality actually enhances the material. I love all the songs on this album. KISS has a couple of covers that should have been left off, but the original material and production is stellar. I also love Dressed to Kill. But this is when I was first introduced to KISS so the early music is what does it for me!”
Gene Simmons’ daughter revealed this ‘overweight’ video not too long ago. Joshschmitton said: “Purely from a material perspective, it’s the first album. However, while the production is clean sounding, it’s also not very rock sounding. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of the type of production you’d hear out of the late 60s. Especially the drums and the rhythm guitar. Ace’s lead sound is good though. I actually think the only truly great Kiss album is Alive. It’s got the material, the energy, and the production. All of the other albums from 73 to 79 lack in some way, even Destroyer. But I enjoy them all.”