Howard Stern Reveals What Paul McCartney Did To Keith Richards


Howard Stern revealed that The Beatles members like Paul McCartney would write songs for The Rolling Stones icons like Keith Richards in a new vacation episode with Ed Sheeran. He even compared what they did to what Sheeran does for artists like Justin Bieber. Paul McCartney recently called out a bad ‘amateur’ performance. recapped: Howard asked if he had anything to do with the Justin Bieber song. Ed said he worked with him on it before it came out. He said it was a really quick turn around. Howard asked if he has to like a guy he sells a song to. Ed said he likes Justin. He said he gets on with him. Howard asked if he has to sell a song to a guy like that. Ed said if he gets on with someone he might collaborate or sell it to them.

Howard asked Ed about that song being in his head and what the process is to sell it to Justin Bieber. He asked if he thought of him. Ed said he didn’t have the song completely finished. Ed said the lyrics were meant to be this and he said ”fuck yourself” in that. He said he heard Rihanna singing that part. He said if anyone was going to finish it he thought it would be her. He said he was talking to Justin about his album that he was finishing up and he told him that he might be able to finish this one. He said that it came at the right time for him. He said that he had fallen out of grace with the public and he had a comeback song that was grown up. Ed said people his age might like it. Howard said if anything he helped Justin out. Ed said that people forget about past regressions once you have a hit song.

Howard said then Justin does the song. He asked about what it was like hearing Justin had a hit with that song. He asked if he thought he should have done it himself. Ed said no. He said he had a song called the A Team on his first album and he never thought he’d have anything bigger than that. Ed said he has had bigger songs and he knows he can write better and better songs. He said he can still earn without performing the song. He said that it was big because Justin did it. He said it probably wouldn’t have been as big if he had done it. Ed said he still gets paid for doing that too.

Howard said that the Beatles did that for the Rolling Stones. Ed said he’d like to end his career as a song writer. Howard said it’s great to have a talent like that. Dave Grohl recently revealed a sad Keith Richards secret. Ed said he has become friends with actors lately and they’re not in control of their art. He said it’s a good position to be in when you can write a song.